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Nave industrial, bodegas, parque industrial, parque logístico, warehouse, logistic center, industrial park

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Real Estate Consulting

At Newmark we understand the Central American office real estate market and its trends. Our multidisciplinary team, spanning over 20 years of experience, has allowed us to become the most successful real estate services platform in the region. Our network and strategic partners located throughout Latin America and worldwide guarantees expertise combined with a broad portfolio of warehouses, industrial parks, logistics warehouses, and more.

Cost-saving consulting services
Over 20 years of experience
The most successful real estate services platform in the region
Added value services set us apart from the rest of the market

Our Services

We have the ability and flexibility to adapt our services portfolio according to the needs of each client and project. We offer insight and professional guidance in:

  • Site selection and negotiation
  • Relocations and renovations
  • Strategy
  • Project execution
  • Risk analysis
  • Market conditions forecasts
  • Built to suit construction
  • Contract negotiation
  • Investment optimization
  • Cost reduction
  • Property marketing
  • Client prospecting
  • Revenue analysis
  • Marketing strategy
  • Accurate data and analysis
  • Lease negotiations
  • Tenant retention
  • Real estate valuation
  • Location strategy and site selection
  • Warehouse improvements
  • Planning and design of operational industrial facilities
  • Service provider selection
  • Building deterioration analysis
  • Benchmarking evaluations
  • Facility operation optimization
  • Maintaining suitable environments for infrastructure
  • Space utilization efficiency
  • Maximizing operational efficiencies
  • Site management
  • Service and operation cost reduction
  • Saving time and money
  • Strategies to maximize your property value
  • Complete facility management
  • Remodeling, expansions or modifications
  • Facility organization consulting
  • Maximize utilities and energy efficiency
  • Real estate development research
  • Data collection
  • Real estate market trends
  • Current investment conditions
Nave industrial, bodegas, parque industrial, parque logístico, warehouse, logistic center, industrial park

Our value-added services have distinguished us throughout our history. Our level of expertise, focus on cost efficiencies and understanding of our clients’ strategic plans, have made us the most trusted allies of corporations worldwide.

Are you looking to invest abroad?

Central American countries offer you the best options in tax benefits to place your company’s operation, learn why you should consider this region to invest.

Costa Rica's Free Trade Zone Regime

Costa Rica’s privileged location, combined with its foreign investment incentives, have made it the leading Central American country in the establishment of large multinational firms. Learn about all the tax incentives offered by the Costa Rican free zone regime:


The following companies can apply for Free Trade Zone incentives:

Advanced Manufacturing

Thanks to accelerating technological advances, manufacturing is going through one of its greatest periods of change since World War II. Manufacturing processes used to mold, assemble, finish, and make custom components are dramatically changing the product of technologies such as robotics and automation. Some of the evolving subsectors in Costa Rica include aerospace, electronics, semiconductors, engineering and design, contract manufacturers, assembly, automotive, and metalworking.

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